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Use on its own or with our 19″ fire pits!

  • The Outpost offers a simple, portable grill solution for campfire cooking no matter where you are: the backyard, beach, or campground.
  • Our patent-pending Anchorpoint® allows you to firmly plant the Outpost® system in the ground to give you a perfectly stable, portable grill!
  • If you already have one of our fire pits, lock the grill and post quickly and easily into that for a totally adjustable grill!
  • The fully adjustable grill surface gives you total control over the heat for anything you’re cooking.
  • Built of 100% stainless steel right here in Lancaster, PA, USA.


    Every Outpost also includes our patent-pending Anchorpoint® which allows you to create epic wood-fired meals on the go. 

    To use the Anchorpoint®, hold it in place where you would like to plant it, then insert the top end of the post, opposite the locking mechanism, into the Anchorpoint®. Use the post to pound the Anchorpoint® into the ground. Once it is firmly planted, simply pull the post out, reverse it, lock it in place, and add your grill or kettle hook!

    The OutPost attaches quickly and seamlessly to our X Series and Double Flame fire pits to quickly add grilling capability. You can also use it on its own with the included Anchorpoint®, which allows you to take a stable grilling surface for any fire with you where-ever you are. 


    The included carrying bag allows you to easily stow the entire Outpost system to take up minimal storage space and keep ash, soot, and grease contained! 


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