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Deckings – Tropical Walnut

Tropical Walnut is a richer, deeper brown than the Golden Teak, and is also a great example of how variegated patterning creates a complex look. The warm hue also convincingly imitates the hardwood of the same name.

Color works well with:


Siesta™ Profile
Ultimate Performance

Weight: 2.16 lbs/lf.
Joist Span: 20″ on-center(90°)
16″ on-center(45°)
Stair Tread Span: 12″ on-center
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MVP™ Profile
Maximum Value

Weight: 1.60 lbs/lf.
Joist Span: 16″ on-center(90°)
12″ on-center(45°)
Stair Tread Span: 8″ on-center
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