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Tuscan Coast

The beautiful colors of the Tuscan Coast Collection are all set to complete your home. Go Green Building Supply’s Tuscan Coast collection is all about making your home feel comfy, elegant, and sophisticated.

Three colors dominate the Tuscan Coast PVC floors collection but there are many gorgeous designs and patterns to embellish the plain floors of your home. The Tuscan Coast PVC flooring has shades of brown and gray. The beveled and painted edges give a very sharp and upscale look to the flooring.

The most noted options in the collection are Caesar, Pompeii, and Augustus having various shades of slate and gray. Further, the collection has PVC floors in shades of wood. The fluid graphic designs make the PVC flooring look as real as wood.

The Tuscan Coast PVC flooring is an inexpensive high-scale feel of “wooden floors”; without worrying about the high-maintenance that real wood floors demand. This collection gives a much upgraded feel to your home.

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