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InvisaCook – Induction Cooktop Underneath Your Countertop

One of the greatest new innovation in technology for home appliances would have to go to Invisacook. It is an induction cooktop used underneath your countertop. It was created to save space in your dream kitchen.

Whether you have a small kitchen or a big kitchen, inviscook is ideal for any space. You can choose however many burners you want to have in your kitchen. You have the option of one, two, or four burners. You also have the option of installing your burners vertically, horizontally, or in a square, like your standard cooktop. One of the best features about this cooktop is that it warm and safe to the touch.

In other words, you can remove your pot from the burner and place your hand where the pot was and you will not get burned. Another great feature would have to be that it connects to wifi and you can turn your cooktop on and off using an app on your smartphone.

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