Roofing FAQ

+ Why Use Metacrylics® Energy Efficient Coatings?

Endures Extreme Temperature, Thermoshock, Earthquakes, Hurricanes or Floods

+ What are some of the qualities of Metacrylics? 

It is Tough, long-lasting, energy efficient, renewable and economical roofing product. Metacrylics® will exceed your expectations on all counts. Superior quality and performance, as well as competitive pricing have made it the leading choice for wide-ranging commercial and residential applications in diverse climates—from the scorching heat of the Mojave Desert to the frigid temperatures of Antarctica. Contractors, architects, industrial and high-tech building owners as well as the US military, city, state and federal services have been using this high performance system to meet their roofing, decking and waterproofing needs for more than 40 years.

+ What is Metacrylics® Acrylic?

It is an energy efficient, high quality coating system that consists of a layered, watertight blanket of elastomeric acrylics, encapsulating a tough stitch bonded polyester fabric. Suitable for both flat and sloping structures, this high-performance product effectively handles roof, deck, and building movement regardless of extreme temperature, thermoshock, earthquakes, hurricanes or floods.

+ Where can I use Metacrylics?

Metacrylics® roofing and decking systems are engineered to withstand 10 times the stress of standard applications. The highest quality standards in the Elastomeric and Reinforced Waterproofing fields makes them ideal for all types of industry applications including: homes, offices, commercial buildings and factories, historical buildings, coastal locations, resorts, Universities, houses of worship and virtually any building, foundation, walking deck or exterior area that needs water resistance and a long lasting quality surface.

+ How does the renewable warranty work?

The acrylic base and polyester are permanent and virtually unaffected by time; only the acrylic white coat is reapplied after 20 years. This adds an additional 10 years to the NDL warranty. When combined with the enhanced energy efficiency, reduced maintenance expenses and renewable warranty, it’s hard to match the value of this product.

+ Why Metacrylics over a similar product?

Selecting Metacrylics® for roofing, decking and/or waterproofing has multiple advantages. Their products are competitively priced in addition to their superior quality and long-lasting performance. It’s versatile and can be used for new construction, retrofitting or reinforcing buildings and roofs. It can be used in high foot traffic with no problem at all. With the only 30 year renewable warranty in the industry, the ability to withstand ponding water and 40 years of experience Metacrylics is the only choice

+ Can I use Metacrylics in different climates?

Our superior endurance capabilities include extreme temperatures, the greenhouse effect of ponding water, excessive stresses of earthquakes and hurricanes that cause elongation and contraction on wood, metal, concrete and composite materials make Metacrylics suitable for any climate.

+ What kind of roof can I apply it on?

Metacrylics® can be applied on virtually any type of roofing material including newly constructed plywood, existing spray foam installation, tar and gravel roofs, corrugated metal, tile, EPDM roofing and even other roof coatings.


Please contact us for a quote or to learn more about the Metacrylics® roofing applications for new installations, retrofits or reinforcement.