Deckings FAQ

+ Can Royal or Zuri decks be painted or stained?

No. these decks have a highly developed finish that has been engineered to retain its beauty and color.  This finish is not conducive to recoating with conventional coatings or stains.

+ Can termites or other insects damage PVC Decking? 

No. PVC Decking is 100% termite-proof.

+ Will saltwater affect Royal or Zuri Decking?

No. Piers and docks are suitable applications for PVC Decking, and saltwater will not affect its integrity.

+ Will Zuri™ fade over time?

No. Zuri™ is designed to maintain its original color season after season. That’s why it’s backed by a 25-year warranty against fading.

+ Will freeze/thaw cycles affect Zuri or Royal Decking?

No. Unlike wood, they will not warp or split when exposed to freeze/thaw cycle.

+ What about mold?

Royal and Zuri Decking will not support mold growth.,

+ Is PVC environmentally friendly?

Yes. Wood products can crack, split and warp when exposed to the elements, requiring constant replacement. Also, because finished wood decking fades over time, it requires frequent application of environmentally harmful stains, paints and sealants. Due to its exceptional durability, Zuri & Royal Decking never needs replacing, and never needs staining or painting.